From Leadership Expert Linda Patten


  • Are you a woman entrepreneur with fire in your belly?
  • Do you desire to be part of a worldwide change from conflict to peace?
  • When you see that something needs to be done, do you step in and do it, passionately and well, only to find you alienate team members in the process?
  • Do people naturally look to you for answers, but seldom return for repeat business?

  • You know you are a leader! You don’t shrink in the shadows, you stand up and take action for what you believe in.
  • You long to inspire others to follow. You dream of a team where everyone is happy and feels they have a voice in how to move the mission forward.
  • But somehow, you always seem to revert back to your old way of commanding, resulting in people deserting you, leaving you feeling abandoned and isolated and maybe even a bit stupid.
  • It gets so messy that you sometimes wonder if you should just give up and go get another job.

There is a BETTER way.

Inspiration is not command. True leadership is:

• Creating and aligning vision

• Providing commitment and clarity

• Building deeper relationships

• Being truly effective as a leader

• Being inspirational

LEADERSHIP INSPIRATION IS…52 weeks of uplifting messages and a personal training video delivered to your inbox every Monday morning, so you can:

  • Kickstart your week with fresh ideas that will inspire you to engage and enroll your team, clients, and spheres of influence in your vision
  • Learn how to create an exciting, fun work environment for your people that encourages creative answers to solving problems and meeting goals
  • Ripple out your inspired leadership to your clients by igniting their inner joy and passions to drive them to do more work with you
  • Shift from alienation to collaboration, building an effective, appreciated and happy extended team

The result? You will be inspired, and learn and implement the necessary skills of true leadership! You’ll be better able to shift your business, change the world, create deep and lasting connections and collaborative relationships, while making the money you desire and more.

In this program you’ll receive:

  • A boot in the butt every Monday to inspire you to take action on your vision
  • A quote to motivate and inspire your team to achieve weekly goals
  • Practical tips on leadership skills so you shift from command to empowered influence
  • Action steps to guide you in embodying your true leadership

You can watch the short video at your convenience in your pj’s over coffee and breakfast.

What a way to jumpstart your morning, your week and your life — it’s like having your own personal Leadership Coach checking in with you every week!

Only $297 for 52 Weeks of Leadership Inspiration

In your mailbox every Monday morning! A brief video from me teaching you a practical, powerful leadership skill or technique, along with an inspirational quote to stir that fire in your belly and inspire a can-do week.

You can also sign up now for 2 years of Leadership Inspiration and save- that's 104 weeks of uplifting messages and inspiring videos at a special price.

ACT NOW, because your family needs you, your community needs you, your business needs you — the world needs you!

Be courageous and dare to lead…